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Larry Martin Dec 16, 2019
"What You Need to Know Before You Marry ... Again"
 "What You Need to Know Before You Marry ... Again"

When people think about getting married, few realize that they may be entering into the largest economic transaction of their lives with very little knowledge of how the “deal” - from a legal standpoint - is structured. And years later when they learn what the law is, what it says and what it means to them, they are stunned.

According to family law attorney Larry Martin, who specializes in family law and focuses or legally and financially complex cases, anyone who owns a business, starts a business or acquires a business or financial assets before or after they get married may be in for a rude awakening should they divorce.

In his talk, “What You Need to Know Before You Marry – Again,” Larry will share with your members:

  • How Texas considers marriage to be similar to a partnership in many respects
  • The differences between community and separate property

How having a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can actually benefit both partners in a marriage

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