2004-2005 was the year of celebrating 100 years of Rotary.

Rotary began back in Chicago in February 1905 when 4 men got together. Meetings were held at each of the others offices. The President of Rotary International was Glenn Estes from Alabama.

The Rotary Convention was held in the birth city of Rotary - Chicago - in June 2005.  President Chuck Chambers, President Elect Barbara Lucas, member John Miller and Barbara Carter attended the convention.  Chuck and Barbara jointly wrote a letter that was placed in a time capsule, which will not be opened until 2105.

District Governor was Tom Sheriff of Wichita Falls.

Chuck Chambers was President of Arlington North Rotary during the Centennial Year.

Rotarian of the Year was Marc Stach

Members Joe Bruner and Greg Miller recieved their first Paul Harris Fellows.