Club History

The following have served as President of the Rotary Club of Arlington North since its inception:
2018-2019 Chuck Chambers (c)
2017-2018 Lashundra Strother (c)
2016-2017 Mike Becknal (c)
2015-2016 Scott Reading (m)
2014-2015 Adnan Bahar (c)
2013-2014 Craig Forster (f)

2012-2013 Stace Callaghan (c)
2011-2012 Steve Gende (f)
2010-2011 Kelly Lewis (c)
2009-2010 Mike Cobb (f)
2008-2009 Jim Bass (c)
2007-2008 Marc Stach (c)
2006-2007 Joe Bruner (c) 
2005-2006 Barbara Lucas (c) 
2004-2005 Chuck Chambers (c) 
2003-2004 John Miller (f) (PDG)
2002-2003 Norma Burks (f)
2001-2002 Skip Leake (f)
2000-2001 Barbara Carter (m) 
1999-2000 Dick McCree (d)
1998-1999 Eddie Rash
1997-1998 Don Pittman (c) 
1996-1997 Lucy Iovinelli (c)
1995-1996 Mike Collins
1994-1995 Hank Jacobs (c) 
1993-1994 Jimmy Jones (c)
1992-1993 Gil Weber (d)
1991-1992 Jim Ash (f)
1990-1991 Gene Clements
1989-1990 Floyd Shipley (d)
1988-1989 Dr. Jack Gibson (d)
1987-1988 Chuck Elhoff (m)
1986-1987 Jack Gray
1985-1986 Steve Hames
1984-1985 Ron Meyer
1983-1984 Orsen Paxton
1982-1983 Randy Kildow

(c)= current member of the club
(m)= past member who has moved or changed clubs and is still in Rotary

(f) = past member who is no longer in Rotary
(d) = deceased
(PDG) = Past District Governor for our district